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Maximum portable pizza oven

Maximum series pitta pizza ovens are one of the most preferred products by restaurants. This product has a bottom and internal heating system. Because of thermostats, the cooking stone temperature and the inner-oven temperature can be adjusted to 400 degrees and can be controlled separately. Thermostats provide a large saving in gas expenditure by turning burners on and off. Usually pitta pizza makers put the baking stone burner in a close position after the oven is on the system . In other words, a burner is needed to work in an oven with two burners and the room starts from 50 degrees Due to the thermostat. Under fovor of their high insulation, there is no heat loss on the upper, upper and side sides of the furnace. Our ovens operate with a card system. We can call it a smart system. There is an ease of service all over the world. Since this system used in maximum series .oven does not malfunction, firinmak our company has made very comfortable in means of service. Our customers express their satisfaction with our company regarding its practical and free of troubles usement. Safety valve is used in all FIRINMAK products. In the event of any flame extinguishing, the intelligent system is being activates and cuts off the burner's gas. The alarm system activates with flashing red lights and the sound of alarms and alerts the user. If it is necessary, the user can cut all the gas and electricity of the oven by pressing the emergency stop button. Turbo System: It is a system that is only used in FIRINMAK ovenes as an option in the world. Under favor of the fan mounted on the burner, the pressure air is mixed with the flame. Adjusts the pressure reducer placed on the front panel of the Oven. This system provides a temperature increase of around 50 degrees per minute when activated. This increase in temperature depends on the size of the oven and the setting of the pressure also. Stone Dome: We make our oven domes with a specially prepared mixture of the molds made by FIRINMAK specialists. We reinforced our dome with steel mats. The Oven dome is definitely unbreakable and never meet collapse. If excessive flame is used during first use, cracking may occur in the oven. For this reason, we want the oven to remain at an average temperature of 100 degrees for the first two days. During this time, the oven dome discards the moisture and the dome is not damaged. Even in misuse, the steel mat ensures that any cracking remains minimal. In maximum series Ovenes, the floor stone thickness is 5 centimeters. Since the stone is heated from the bottom, we preferred the ideal thickness of 5 centimeters. It passes heat quickly to the upper surface during combustion and is suitable for heat storage. Beneath the cooking stone there is a thermostat-powered burner. This burner heats the stone faster and transfers extra heat to the baking section of the oven. This is given to the canal that is also opened to the back of the oven in the dimension of 10x30 cm. If the lower burner is closed, the upper burners also pass heat down by this canal and the stone is kept under the ideal system for ideal continuous cooking. There is a space of 7 centimeters between the cooking stone and the 10 cm thick gas concrete that provides the insulation. In this space there is a burner that heats the stone. However, this range serves as a heat pool even when the lower burner is indoors. And due to this design, both the base stone and the inner-oven temperature are in the wanted levels. Maximum series Ovenes have many different designs that is designed by FIRINMAK. Our customers can choose the external design they want or provide with us any design they want from us to do. There is also a big range of option to the extrior coating like glass mosaics, decorative bricks, ceramics, broken ceramics, paints and stainless steel sheets coating. Color and design are determined according to the customer's request. High-weight polyamide wheels are used in furnaces weighing 2 tons or more. According to The A1 certificate operating , you can operate our ovens under ventilation hood systems. There is no requirement of connecting it to the chimney. The chimney pipe is Ø16 cm width, which can be mounted on the front or middle of the oven . The Oven,s door consist of three parts. The side pieces are fixed to the oven. The middle piece is portable and can be removed during operating time and placed on the empty shelf under the oven. The reason why we made this type of oven door is that we're going to have to do a great effort. to prevent the oven from extinguishing even when the side doors are closed, as well as to prevent the heat from escaping from the oven in a short time while the side pieces are closed. Because of this design, the oven comes to the best performance very quickly


Alptekin katlı taş tabanlı pişirme fırınlarında; öncelikle ihtiyaç duyulan ısı düşük yakıt sarfiyatı ile elde edilir. Isı transferi, hava sirkülasyon fanı ve ayarlı klapeler yardımı ile gerçekleşerek ürünün homojen pişmesi sağlanır. Pişirme katlarında optimum isi iletkenliğine sahip doğal taşların kullanılması ve pişirme ortamının pasif atmosferik olması sayesinde kaliteli pişirme yapılmaktadır. Pişirme alanı 5 m2 ile 18 m2 aralığında değişen katlı taş tabanlı fırınlarımızda her katın buhar düzenekleri birbirinden bağımsızdır. Taş tabanlı fırınlarımız, ekmek ve unlu mamul sektörü dışında, gida ve tatlı sektöründe de kullanılmaktadır. Fırınlarımızın kumanda panelleri, kullanicı rahatlığı göz önüne alınarak manuel veya PLC ( dokunmatik ekran ) olarak imal edilmektedir. Mevcut iç aydınlatma ve her bir katta bulunan temperlenmiş cam sayesinde ürünün pisme sürecini izlemek mümkündür. Fırın sıicaklığı, otomatik olarak ayarlanan derecede sabit kalmakta ve ayarlanan pişme süresi tamamlandığında sesli ikaz vermektedir. Fırınlarımız, kat sayısına, pişirme alanına ve yakıt çeşidine göre (Fuel-oil, LPG, doğalgaz, elektrik ) farklı modellere sahiptir. Talebe göre doğal enerji kaynaklarının (odun, kayısı çekirdeği, fıstık, fındık kabuğu ) kullanıldığı fırınların imalatı da yapılmaktadır. Multideck oven heat is provided with low fuel consumption. Heat transfer provides homogenous baking of the products with the help of air circulation fan and adjustable valves. Usage of stones that possess optimum thermal conductivity in each deck of the multideck oven and passive atmospheric baking area provide quality baking. Baking area of ​​the multideck oven ranges betwen 5m2 and 18m2. Steam generation system of each deck is independent from each other. Besides bread baking it is also used for patisserie. Possibility of observing the baking process due to the interior light and tempered glass on thedoor of the oven. Oven heat automatically remains constant at set temperature and as the baking time is completed audible warning turns on. Multideck oven models vary depending on deck number, baking area and fuel type (fuel oil, LPG, natural gas, electricity). Depending on customer demand we also manufacture multideck oven that uses special fuel type as natural energy sources (wood, apricot, nut and peanut shell). Alptekin electric deck oven consists of decks that are independent ovens and that can be operated at different temperature in order to bake various types of products at the same time. Heating elements used in electric deck oven possess features like ceramic structure and dry type heating which provide even baking, quality production and easy maintenance. Usage of stones that possess optimum thermal conductivity in each deck of the electric deck oven and stability of the heat with in decks provide quality baking. For the convenience of our customers control panels are optional as both manual and PLC. Possibility of viewing the baking process due to the heat resistant interior lighting lamp and tempered glass door of the oven. Oven heat automatically remains constant at set temperature and as the baking time is completed audible warning turns on.