Product Code: FPK-400

45600.0000 USD

It is used for sujuk, sausage and smoked fish production.
It cooks boils, broils and smokes.
The heating system can be produced as electrical, with steam and burner (natural gas or diesel) on demand.
It is fully automatic and easy to use with the electronic panel and capable of programming.
It has a thermometer; it can read and convey wet, dry and humid temperatures automatically.
Printer output is available for quality control of the product.
Climatic system can optionally be added. 1,2 and 4 car models are standard and produced in special furnaces on demand.
*It is entirely made of 304 quality stainless steel.
*It is hygienic.
*It is easy and simple to use.
*Easy to clean.
*You can select the sequence of actions by following from the Process Flow Scheme.
*You can send us the information about this topic in order to purchase your furnace type option with the ARI MAKİNA guarantee.
*with Steam*Burner
*It is designed with cold air system.
*Back-to-back furnaces are divided into two groups as open and closed tunnels.
*For the open tunneled furnaces input and output can be made from separate doors while for the closed tunnels you can load and unload from a single door

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