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Başkent Fırın Makinaları In 1986, the bakery machinery sector has been continuing to manufacture today's technology with its expert staff. 3 advanced companies in the world with advanced 40% fuel saving Oiled Tunnel Bread Cooking Ovens, Tubular Fully automatic bread baking Robots, Pastry Machines and Dough Processing Equipments and bakery products. manufactures the machines needed by the industry. Our production facilities consist of modern assembly lines, high quality CNC workbenches, welding robot, pre-painting sandblasting plant and state-of-the-art powder coating systems. TSE. CE has ISO9001-2000 quality certificates. With our quality system, we are able to offer our customers durability and durability in all conditions. Moreover, since every machine we produce is designed with computer aided design (CAD) software, the problems on the machine can be detected before the production, and it can be removed in a short time. In this respect, better quality and safer machines can be produced.