tube baking ovens-27986

Product Code: BM-40

Alptekin Makina: Alptekin Steam tube cooker furnace performs cooking with closed circuit pipe system. The burning of the room with its large surface area and high heat conductivity pipeline makes it possible to obtain homogeneous and serial cooking at all levels with low fuel consumption. The oven provides the opportunity to observe the cooking process with the interior lighting on the door and the tempered glass lid. The oven temperature remains constant at the set temperature and the acoustic signal starts after the cooking time has been completed. Models of steam tube ovens vary according to the number of floors, cooking surface, fuel type (fuel oil, LPG, natural gas, electricity). We also produce special rotary furnaces used according to customer demand. natural energy sources (wood, apricot kernel, peanut shell, hazelnut). Maintenance costs do not occur to prevent the circulation fan and other mechanical equipment from being used in this machine. In adverse situations such as power cuts, the production function continues without interruption.

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