Product Code: ROD- S1U4D

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine with 4 Nozzles - ROD- S1U4D

Technical Specifications of ROD- S1U4D Liquid Filling Machine
Capacity: 1000ad / hour (According to the product)
Working Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Filling Weights: according to your needs
Conveyor Length: 2350 mm
Weight: 225 kg
Origin: Turkey
Control System: PLC + Touch Operator Panel
Air Pressure: 6-8 Mpa minimum 12 Mpa maximum

General Features of ROD- S1U4D Liquid Filling Machine

Renas ROD-S1U4D fully automatic 4 nozzle liquid filling machine fills liquid products with viscosity up to 1.5 and fast and fully automatic.
Since our filling system consists of 4 separate filling units independent from each other, you can adjust the weight in each nozzle, activate the desired nozzle, and close the one you want.
The standard conveyor belt of the machine is a hard straw conveyor. It is more durable and long lasting compared to PVC tapes. It works less jerky than hard pallet conveyors used in peer machines, minimizes the tipping problem especially in your pet products, and it is easy to repair damaged places.
Conveyor speed adjustment is standard in our machine. In this way, it can work in harmony with many types of packaging. Therefore, you can work with this machine in harmony with both pet and glass packaging types.
Our machine does not start the filling process by counting bottles as in similar machines, it waits for the filling section to see the bottle at the same time both at the beginning and end of the filling section, so our machine never gives filling waste due to sensor error.
Nozzles of the machine can be produced in different sizes according to the packaging of the product you are filling. Therefore, you can make filling process more quickly with large nozzles for large-scale packages.
For your filling operations that require filling from the bottom, our company does not notice the pneumatic diving feature in our machine, but if you request servo diving, it is charged separately. Thanks to the adjustment flywheels on the nozzle tray, you can work in many different height bottles without any problem.
You can suction the product up to 4 meters in our machine, connect it to the mouth of your tank, or immerse the suction hose in the barrel.
The standard width of the mesh conveyor of the machine is 120 mm. If you work with larger packages, conveyor belt with different width can be produced.
Our Touch Operator panel has a menu that is both in Turkish and easy to understand. In addition, you can change the machine setting very quickly thanks to the manual operation menu where you can easily control each organ.
Materials such as gaskets and orings are made of anti-bacterial silicone at the points that come into contact with the product.
Surfaces contacting and not contacting the product are made of SUS 304 stainless steel material. In this way, you can produce in compliance with food and hygiene norms such as GMP, FDA. In addition, the aluminum surfaces in the machine are made of 5000 series aluminum material.
Thanks to the flanged ferrule system, you can easily remove the surfaces that come into contact with the product without the need for any keys and clean them easily.
The suction pistons of the Renas ROD-S1U4D fully automatic 4 nozzle liquid filling machine are all honed. Thus, it fills the grammage to a minimum level.
You can choose our machine from 11 different filling ranges and get it exactly to your needs.
It is 100% domestic production. All of our machine's design, R&D, bending, welding, machining, automation, programming and packaging processes are carried out within our company, making the desired change on the machine is easy for us.
All sensor groups in our machine are German-made Disoric and Taywan-made AIRTAC brands.

ROD-S1U4D - Optional Features that can be Added to Liquid Filling Machine

Our machine can be produced in different filling ranges according to your needs. You can fill products in many different weights with one machine.
You can work in many different product types with different length and diameter nozzles that you can buy later from our company.
We can make product feeding bunker on the machine.
We can add a heating or mixing feature to the product feed hopper.
In order to work comfortably on your acidic products, we can produce the surfaces that come into contact with the product from SUS 316 Stainless steel.
We can make wooden case for our machine to travel more safely during the international transportation.

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