IM-A Series Packaging Machine With Auger Filler-18528

Product Code: IM-A

• The machine is designed for powder and similar fine products. The target weight of each filling is controlled with fast and accurate servo driven specific auger (worm screw),
• The auger type and diameter changes with respect to product type and target weight,
• All surfaces touching to products are AISI 304 stainless steel,
• Easy demountable forming tube,
• Easy adjustable speckle control and more precise package length,
• Due to continuously controlled printer error, prevents unprinted and faulty print,
• Coil unwinding is driven by AC motors,
• Horizontal jaw press and cutting unit are driven by pneumatic,
• Cold or hot sealing techniques can be applied according to the packaging type,
• Continuously control tension,
• Centering film due to automatic lateral adjustment of film,
• Suitable for CE standards,
• Different language options and easy-to-use touch screen.

Optional Fittings and Equipments:
• Nitrogen filling unit
• Screw feeding unit
• Conveyor band
• Special Vacum supported belts. (Increases belt life time and machine speed)
• Eurohole / Hanger Hole
• Printer with barcode and date writing feature
• Contact us for different type of packages, products and capacities.

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