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Renas Makina Ve Otomasyon Sistemleri

Renas Makina Ramazanoğulları Gıda İlaç İmalat LTD Şti. is one of the Group companies.
Our company was established in 1998 and works in the field of Machinery.
Renas Makina is a Production based company. We have produced food, cosmetics and herbal products for many years. We know your Production Problems and we recommend and assist you with the machines and production solutions you need, not only for sales purposes, but also to establish long-term friendships.
Our company started this journey, which started 9 years ago by revising the old machines, with import and subsequent production. It imports 314 types of machines under current conditions and produces 250 types of machines in its own facilities. The satisfaction and attention of our valued customers crown our work we love.

RENAS MAKİNA, which has the most comprehensive product range and trained team in its field, always tries to offer you quality, rational and affordable solutions. In the countries where we import, we work with 35 factories in total. Considering the cost factor, we import some of the machines that we designed by producing abroad. We are aiming to sell our machines in our own country with a patriotic approach, rather than selling and earning more, by making less profit, selling more and bringing them to our country.

our machines,

R&D, Design, Production, Testing, Cutting, Twisting, Welding, Machining, Leveling, Sandblasting, Polishing, assembly, Automation and Programming are all carried out within our own company. This situation gives us a much wider range of action than our colleagues. We use technological products as much as possible in our designs. The production of machines in demand as mass production reduces our costs and as such we reflect this privilege to our sales prices.

Our Web Page has all kinds of information about our machines that you are curious about. In addition, many models have working videos. Our company works very transparent, you can reach our prices on our website.

Although we have been in the sector for 9 years yet, our customer portfolio, which has reached 9000 customers in total from many sectors, and our exports to more than 40 countries, our demands on our machines, are connecting us more to our business. To contribute to the economy of our country and prevent capital migration, our production costs We do not import the same machines, we produce them ourselves.
Thanks to our knowledge and commercial environment, we are building quality and robust turnkey factories at very affordable prices.
Thanks to our spare parts stock area reaching 500 m2, we do not manufacture or import or release it. Even after many years, we stand behind our machines and provide all kinds of technical support.
Spare parts of the varieties we imported 5 years ago are in stock.

Some of the machine groups that our company produces or imports;
• All Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Filling Machine Types; Liquid, powder, dense products, granular products and mixtures, screw types etc. products.
• Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Labeling Machine Types; Cylindrical, curved, ellipse, straight and angular.

• Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Date Coding systems

• Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Closing systems; screw caps, fastening caps, Timing and Spray caps, Cream Tubes, Induction Foil Types, Aluminum caps, tin can plastering etc.
Manual and Fully Automatic Bag Sealing Machines.

• All pharmaceutical machines: Capsule filling, tablet press, capsule polishing, blister, counting systems granulation

Mixer Types; U type, Ribon type, Trouser type, Conical, Cubic, Bins type agitator types for powder and granular products, Mobile Lift mixers for liquid products, high speed, blade homogenizer mixers, Boiler types with or without agitator, double wall heated boilers, Intensive putty boilers for products

• Feeding Systems; Spiral feeding systems, elevator types, dense product pumps, bowl feeding types,

• Packaging Machinery; Volumetric, screw, vibration bowl and many kinds of fully automatic, horizontal and vertical packaging machine types,

• Integrated Fully Automatic production lines.
We love our job, accept and obey the rules of business ethics as the ultimate goal. We produce solutions by protecting the rights of both our customers and our company.