Semi-Automatic Cylindrical Labeling Machine-30910

Product Code: MT-75SPH

Semi-Automatic Cylindrical Labeling Machine
General Features of MT-75SPH - 20-440mm Labeling Machine

Mt-75SPH labeling machine with date coding, all cylindrical and round, glass bottles, plastic bottles, glass jars, tins, serrated cans and bottles, packages made of PE, PP materials, cream tubes, silicone cartridges etc. by adding Kt option. It labels all cylindrical objects on bottles, jars and boxes without any problem. It never causes labeling starting point errors, shifting, trapezoidal sticking etc. problems in comparable machines. It also works smoothly in difficult tasks such as full wrap labeling.
It is designed to work with all label sizes between 20 mm and 240 mm. It can label all cylindrical objects up to 245 mm in diameter.
Thanks to the date coding feature of the Mt-75SPH labeling machine with date coding, without the need for a separate workmanship, you can add 3 lines and 36 characters in total to any part of your label as expiry date, lot number, weight, etc. you can encode the information.
Thanks to the fiber optic sensor with smart identification feature, which is standard on the machine, you can work without wastage by easily introducing the stopping point to your label.
Thanks to the standard intelligent positioning system, you can decide how long the starting tail of the label will be before starting the label wrapping. Adjusting the length of the starting queue is extremely easy. Thanks to the adjustment you will make, your label always stops at the same point and starts at the same point.
MT-75SPH - Labeling Machine - 20-440mm - Other Details
It is packaged to be suitable for long distance cargoes.
Thanks to the cargo company we have contracted with, the transportation of the product is done at an advantageous price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo.
It is a 1-year warranty against factory faults.
The delivery time of the machines for which additional (optional) features are requested is in the range of 5-20 days.

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