Product Code: ROD-K400U

General Features of ROD-K400U - Cream Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
You can fill cream, skin mask, skin care products, make-up cleansing milk, honey, jam, molasses with ROD-K400U ultrasonic full automatic cream tube filling and gluing machine.
All surfaces of the machine touching and not contacting the product are made of SUS 304 Stainless Steel. only stations have aluminum parts. 201 stainless steel with low oxidation resistance is not used on any surface of the machine.
Thanks to its ergonomic structure, the way of working is more practical and quieter compared to similar machines. You can reach 30 filling capacity per minute.
It is a combined production line consisting of 6 stations. It requires workmanship only when the empty tube is placed in the tube feeding feed hopper, taking the tube from the feeding hopper itself, finds its direction, fills, adheres, cuts the excess glue, if you have taken the burst control station option, after performing the burst control, discards the tube from the rotary table, the operation of the machine it is fully automatic. You can easily control 5 machines at the same time with one person.
Depending on your needs, we can add different options and features to the machine, remember, all stages of the machine such as design, R&D, machining, welding and automation are all carried out in our company.
It has a high filling weight range, you can work with many machines without any problems thanks to our many filling range options and filling sets that you can get extra to work in different filling ranges.
Thanks to tube molds of different diameters, it can work in cream tubes of many different diameters, and our mold costs are affordable.
It works only when there is a tube in front of it, thanks to the photoelectric sensors in each station. When there is no tube in front of the station, that station will not work. Thus, the energy-saving and production efficiency of the machine works at maximum level against product waste.
Thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen operator panel, you can easily tune all stations with just one tube. All stations can be adjusted by the setting flywheel located above the station. Operation and adjustment is extremely easy and fast thanks to the multi-function manual operation menu.
ROD-K400U ultrasonic full automatic cream tube filling and sealing machine can cover all types of heat-sealable cream tube, such as PVC, laminated, nylon, plastic, pet, PP.
It is 100% domestic production. In this respect, spare parts and service availability are extremely high, our spare parts and technical service prices are much more affordable than similar machines.
Thanks to the ultrasonic bonding feature of our machine, you do not need to have a heating nozzle for different sized tubes, our machine does not need cooling with chiller. The ultrasonic generators we use are also domestic production.
ROD-K400U Fully automatic ultrasonic cream tube filling and sealing machine, thanks to Servo + Planetary Reducer driven return system, performs fast stepping and smooth filling, even in a product with a small diameter such as 5 ml without jolts.

ROD-K400U - Operation of Cream Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

We can summarize the way the machine works and its order as follows:

Empty Cream Tubes are placed in a sufficient amount of cream tube feeding chamber, this chamber can take between 50 and 300 pieces of cream tubes according to the cream tube size.
The machine takes the tube itself from the Cream Tube chamber and places it on the turntable.
Then the cream tube is turned in the next station photocell station thanks to the photocell speck located on the cream tube in the correct sticking direction.
Then the empty cream tube is taken to the filling station. The product is filled into the empty cream tube.
The cream tube, in which the product is filled, comes to the sealing station, and only the sound waves and the two mouths of the tube are sealed together without using heat. Thanks to this adhesive feature, the tube does not release itself afterwards.
The back part of the tube, which is glued to each other, comes to the excess cutting station, the excess is cut and the pasted place is provided to obtain a flawless appearance.
If you have taken the burst control station option at the time of order, pressure is applied to the tube from this side and the tube is checked to see if it adheres correctly.
The tube, which is filled, glued and all processes of which are finished in the discharge station, which is the last station, is thrown from the turntable and made ready for sale.

ROD-K400U - Optional Features that Can Be Added to Cream Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Our machine can be produced in different filling ranges according to your needs. You can fill products in many different weights with a single machine, and you can also work with different filling ranges with a single machine with the filling sets you will receive as an extra.

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