Sack Filling Machine-27129

Product Code: RYD-T350AH

Sack Filling Machine with Screw Feeding System - RYD-T350AH

Technical Specifications of RYD-T350AH - Sack Filling Machine
Model: RYD-T350AH
Working Range: Between 20 - 500 gr
Capacity: 10 - 40 / minute
Power Consumption: 1800W
Voltage: 220V / 50hz
Weight: 80 kg
Dimensions: 80X170X45cm
Power Consumption: 10W

RYD-T350AH - General Features of Sack Filling Machine

RYD-T350AH spiral filling machine sack filling machine can work smoothly with fluid powders, granule types, sensitive and granular products. Therefore, it can be said that it is designed to sack sensitive granule products at risk of injury.
Especially for precious, deformable and flow-free products, choosing this model would be the right choice.
Product weighing is done on the weighing bunker located on the top of the bag filling. When the target weight is reached, the augers stop. If you press the pedal, the pre-weighed product is discharged directly into the bag in the weighing bunker. Since this process continues automatically, you can even take care of another job.
With the RYD-T350AH spiral feeding system sack filling machine, you can fill kraft bags, bags made of materials such as PE, PE with increased strength, and sacks.
Different materials and features can be added to the machine in accordance with your requests and needs. For example; Model made of DKP (black) sheet in products such as animal feed, agricultural additives, powder coal, SUS 304 stainless steel in food products; You can use our model made of SUS 316 stainless steel for acidic caustic, chlorine etc. products. It can also be produced with an anti-bacterial conveyor belt suitable for food and medicine for your products that require maximum hygiene in the food and medicine type.
For higher capacity and precise filling, the product feeding conveyor is driven by a servo or stepper motor, and your production capacity and precision can exceed the standard.
It takes up less space compared to similar sack filling machines.
With the feeding systems to be integrated with RYD-T350AH spiral feeding sack filling machine, you can fill more with less labor. So you can increase your efficiency to much higher levels.
You can close the mouth of the packaging you fill with industrial type big sealing machines or sack sewing machines produced by Renas Makina.
You can fill dozens of products with this machine. Among these; Products such as mint, thyme, cumin, linden flowers, currants, bits, powdered turmeric can be counted.

RYD-T350AH - Sack Filling Machine - Other Details

If you request additional (optional) features for the machine of your choice, the delivery time of the machines takes place within the range of 5-20 days.
The product cargo is packaged for long distance shipments.
Renas Makina has a contracted cargo company. In this way, you can provide product transportation at a more affordable price. If your own company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo.
1 year warranty is provided against fabricated errors.

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