EFDAL KIP 50 WG-19866

Product Code: 18

Preparation of the product for use:
First, fix the recommend dose of EFDAL KİP 50 WG for a single tank with water in a separate container. Then, half of the tank is filled with water. Add the mixture into the tank while the mixer apparatus in on. Fill the tank with water. Start application after the product and the water mix well. Continue mixing until the end of application.
Calibration of the spraying equipment:
Before the application, the nozzles of the sprayer should be checked and cleaned to ensure that the spraying equipment works well. Before using, ensure that the spraying equipment has been calibrated adequately. In order to determine the amount of mixture to be used, first the trees at a specific area are sprayed only with water. After finding out the amount of water needed for a single tree, the amount of mixture needed per tree is calculated.
Plant tolerance:
When used as recommended, there is no negative effect on the recommended cultivated plants. Plant toleration should be checked in case of doubt in sensitive and new plants.

Apple black spot:
1st application when the buds swell,
2nd application at the stage of pink buds
3rd application when 70-80% of the petals has fallen,
Apricot monilia:
1st application at the beginning of blossoming (5-10% blossoming),
2nd application during full blossoming (80-90% blossoming)
Application should be performed using a pressurized atomiser and the trees should be covered thoroughly. The product should not be washed down from the leaves.
The plant protection product, EFDAL KİP 50 WG is a fungicide classified as Group 9,D1 fungicide according to its mechanism of action. Repeated application of plant protection products having the same mechanism of action promotes resistance. For this reason, do not exceed the total number of EFDAL KİP 50 WG applications recommended for a single season to delay resistance. If the application needs to be repeated, pay attention to use plant protection products having a different mechanism of action (other than Group 9,D1)
EFDAL KİP 50 WG can be mixed with other fungicides used in pome fruits and drupes. In case of doubt, a small compatibility test can be made before application. If EFDAL KİP 50 WG will be used as a tank mixture with other products, add the products in the following order: First EFDAL KİP 50 WG, then other products. If any product to be mixed has a “water soluble packaging”, first add this product and then EFDAL KİP 50 WG.

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