Product Code: 16

Preparation and Application of the product: .Ensure that the spraying equipment is clean before preparing the product. Fill half of the spraying equipment’s tank with water. If necessary, mix the product with water in a separate container and pour the mixture into the tank. Then, add the necessary amount of water into the tank while the mixing apparatus is turned on. Keep the mixing apparatus turned on during application. If other products will be added into the tank, first add EFDAL INDOX 30 WG then add the other products. Do not prepare redundant amount of mixture. For proper application, perform a calibration to determine the amount of product required per decare and conduct the application accordingly.
Application Time:
Corn: beet armyworm in corn:. Spraying is done immediately if field check reveals 2 larvae on average per plant. Do not apply EFDAL INDOX 30 WG more than 3 times in the same location during the same season.
Vineyard: grapevine moth: Application can be repeated up to 6 times for table grapes and up to 3 times for wine grapes during a season. Applications can be made using a tractor-fitted hydraulic sprayer or a back sprayer. For the best results, application should be done when the eggs of the pests hatch. Application in this period also provides protection against eggs that haven't hatched yet and against any new eggs. Application should be repeated at 10-14 day intervals if necessary, depending on pest intensity and the number of flying imagos.
Pepper and Tomato: Cotton leaf worm:
For optimum results, application should be done during the period when the eggs hatch. Vegetable areas should be checked diagonally and pest management should be started if 1-2 newly hatched egg bundles or 4-5 larvae are seen in 100 plants. Timing should be chosen carefully since better results are obtained if application is done before the larvae scatter. Application should be repeated at 10-14 day intervals if necessary, depending on the intensity of pests in the season. EFDAL INDOX 30 WG is effective against the pest's larvae.

The plant protection product, EFDAL INDOX 30 WG is an insecticide classified as Group 22A insecticide according to its mechanism of action. Repeated application of plant protection products having the same mechanism of action promotes resistance. For this reason, do not exceed the total number of EFDAL INDOX 30 WG applications recommended for a single season to delay resistance. If the application needs to be repeated, pay attention to use plant protection products having a different mechanism of action (other than Group 22A).
Can be mixed with many known fungicides and insecticides

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