Product Code: 26

Usage Type:
Preparing for Application:
Recommended amount of preparation is added to the tank of which the half is filled with water and it is mixed. After filling the tank with water, it is mixed again and is made ready for application.
This plant protection product named EFDAL BLUEGIB 20 SL is a plant growth regulator that is classified as Group - according to its effect mechanism.
Repetitive applications of plant protection products having the same effect mechanism promote development of resistance. For this reason, do not exceed suggested limit of total application of EFDAL BLUEGIB 20 SL within the same manufacture season to delay the development of resistance. In cases that the application must be repeated, please use plant protection products that have different effect mechanism (apart from Group - ).

It can be used by mixing it with fungicides, insecticides, leaf fertilizers that are not alkaline and that do not contain chlorine.

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