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Mix the recommend dose of the plant protection product with water in a separate vessel. Fill half of the sprayer container with water. Turn the mixer of the machine on and add the mixture into the container. Continue mixing and fill up the container with water. Keep on mixing until the end of application. Use the prepared plant protection product the same day

CALIBRATION: The machine should be calibrated before using. The dose of mixture should be calibrated for a good covering. Application should be performed in cool periods during day time when the weather is not windy or when there is a calm weather

Just after the application, empty the tank of the spraying machine in a safe manner. Fill the tank with clean water, run the mixer and let the spraying system clean all the parts. Do not perform cleaning near water sources. Do not pour the spoiled wUSAGE OF THE PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCT:

EFDAL FOSALİN 80 WP is a two-way systemic fungicide which can be transferred from leaves to roots and from roots to leaves through the sap of plants. For this reason, there is no need to repeat the application even if there is a hard rain 5-6 hours after the application. However, there should be a good wetting for the plant protection product to penetrate into the sap of the plant homogenously in a short time.
False mildew in cucumber and melon: Application is started when tillering starts and the first signs of the disease is seen in the environment. Application is repeated at 10 days interval.
Brown rot and stem gumming in citrus fruits
* Against infections in fruits:
1st application: In Autumn before the rains start or right after the first rains
2nd application: If the weather is rainy the second application should be made 15 days after the 1st application
* Against stem infections:
The injuries on infected trees should be cleaned to the xylem in October, January, and March. One application is made in tree bole and root infections. The bark on the injured parts should be fully cleaned by a clean knife, and especially the parts up to 1-1.5 m height should be treated well.
Brown fruit rots in citrus fruits after harvest
The fruits are dipped into the mixture for 3 minutes.
Pome fire blight:
Application is made when blossom starts and during full blossom. If conditions are favourable for the disease, a 3rd application may be needed.
Onion mildew:
Application is started when the first signs of the disease is seen and continued with 10 day intervals.
Tomato mildew:
Application is started under suitable conditions when there is a White ashy appearance under the brown spots on the leaves having a diameter of 3-5 mm or at the areas where the disease is observed each year. Depending on the severity of the disease and climatic conditions, applications are made with 10 day intervals.
The spraying starts when brown spots on tomato leaves are 3-5 mm size till it forms the layer of white silt or when there are seen the first strokes of disease in the same places as every year. Depending on severity and climatic parameters the spraying is continued each 10 days.

The plant protection product, EFDAL FOSALİN 80 WP is a fungicide classified as Group U:33 fungicide according to its mechanism of action. Repeated application of plant protection products having the same mechanism of action promotes resistance. For this reason, do not exceed the total number of EFDAL FOSALİN 80 WP applications recommended for a single season to delay resistance. If the application needs to be repeated, pay attention to use plant protection products having a different mechanism of action (other than Group U:33)
The product cannot be mixed with leaf fertilizers and copper plant protection products. Oil or oil plant protection products should be used afterwards as oil prevents plant protection product penetrate into leaves. As various quality of fillers are used in plant protection products, it is recommended to conduct small-scale tests before application of the product.
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