Odor Machine (Video Expression)-12353

Product Code: EKSET011.00

55.0000 USD

It is enough to fill the water reservoir and drop the essence.
We recommend 10 drops of essence when 100 ml of water is used.
Getting good results from the smell machine depends on the quality of the essence you use.

It is safe, automatically turns off when water runs out.
When the water reservoir is full, you can use it for 4 - 6 hours without adding water again.
When you finish using the fragrance machine, you can thoroughly clean the bowl with water and prevent the essence from drying and blocking the filter.

Elegant and tiny image decoration positively affected.
Pressing the on / off button twice activates the variable color led light.

It works quietly.

It is without steam, fogging (smoke).

If you drop water outside, you can prevent it from wiping out.

You can place machines on the corners of large areas of 15 - 20 m² and solve your odor problems in large areas much cheaper and more practical than large area machines. Thus, you may be able to use different types of fragrances in the machines without having a single odor cascade attached to the same area.

Using your meal invitations in front of and during, you can suppress disturbing food smells.

We recommend that you use a single machine to remove the unwanted odors from the stone & rock walls of the hotel; you have to use the machine as much as the essence of the walls and then pass the same machine to other problematic areas.

The technical service and spare parts service time of the Beurer branded product with German technology is 10 years and it is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing faults.

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