LSM-03 Stick Liquid Filling Machine-22

Product Code: LSM-03


LSM-03-30 stick liquid filling machine with 3 lines.
You can fill oliveoil, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, vinegar, sauce etc.
You can have 75 pieces per minute without any problem.
The pack width is 30mm, the length is adjustable between 40mm to 200mm. If our customer need other pack size, we can discuss.
You can adjust the piece of weight between 1 to 50 ml.
The machine has 50L jacket system(double hopper) hopper with heater till 90 degrees. The hopper has mixer and zip cleaner.
The machine has volumetric filling system.
We can add date encoding with ribbon, output conveyor, flat cut, doted sealing, easy tear according to our customer request.
The machine case manufactured with AISI 304, contacting food parts are AISI 316. The machine electrical, pneumatic and motor items are mostly imported from Europe.

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