Hipermak Fully Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine-223

Product Code: HPR_CM5000

HPR_CM5000 Work with Perfect Match Of Mechanic and Servo Motor Technology
Standart of Servo Motor Performed On Horizontal Jaw and Film Pulling System
Work Fast ,Sensitive And Stable With Servo Motor Technology
User Frindly ,Nearly there is no Maintenace need
Control by digital touch screen size of 10 " contains 65536 color
long-term Coating magnetic insulator used for coating machine parts
Roller group owning air shaft for rapidly connect packaging material
Lower Noise Level
Stainless steel (Cr-Ni)Collar -Tube group
Ability to Control the coil of packaging material
Ability to Work , with and with out Photocells
Production quantitiy can be control by set the machine target
Dealy production control
Alarm and diagnostic check system and option to see a feedback of past mistake
Convergence and divergence the packaging material path by touch screen
Change a Collar - tube grope without using any hand tools
Easy and dynamic work with the machine system by the tochscreen
Toch screen containing thermal Touch System
High Safety windows
Option to adjust horizontal Jaw working area in mm by using touchscreen
Abilaty to adjust pack length in mm range with touch screen user panel

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