Product Code: 34

Preparation For Application and How to Use:
Half of the tank of the fungicide application equipment is filled with water. The recommended amount of fungicide is slurred in a separate container. Operating the mixing apparatus of the equipment, the prepared mix is added to the tank. The remaining water is added to the tank after mixing.

For Seeds
Mildew on Sunflower: EFDAL PROCAR 722 SL is a liquid fungicide and should be mixed in a way that it affects directly seed well.
For Green Parts:
Mildew on Cucumbitaceae and Potatoes: Fungicide application is started when first disease symptoms on leaves are observed. After a week the second application is carried out. Based on the course of disease and weather conditions it is repeated through 10 day-intervals, if needed.
For Tobacco Nurseries: Immediately after the seeds are spread, the soil is moistened and fungicide is applied. After 25-30 days, the application is repeated.

INFORMATION ABOUT RESISTANCE: The plant protection product named EFDAL PROCAR 722 SL is a fungicide which is classified as F4;28 according to its effect mechanism. The repetitive applications of the plants having the same effect mechanism incite resistance development. Therefore; please do not exceed the total number of recommended application of EFDAL PROCAR 722 SL to retard the resistance development within the same manufacturing season. In case where the application needs to be repeated, please use plant protection products having different effect mechanism (except from Group F4;28).

MISCIBILITY: EDAL PROCAR 722 SL can be used with other fungicides as a tank mix. It shall not be mixed with claret red slurry and foliar fertilizers.

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