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EFDAL FLOWMITE 240 SC is a selective acaricide to control red spider mites. It has an immediate and long-term impact on clove, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberry, pepper, aubergine and vineyards in every active periodsof red spider mites.
Preparation For Application and How to Use
Before using, shake the herbicide bottle well. Half of the tank of the herbicide application equipment is filled with water. Sufficient amount of herbicide is added into the tank. Operating the mixing apparatus od the equipment, the recommended water is added until the tank fills. In order to calculate the amount of water to be used per decare, calibration is carried out. To do this, a certain amount of water is added to the tank of the device and it is calculated to what extent the land can be sprayed with the added amount of water. Therefore, it can be calculated how much water to be used per decare with the calibrated device.
To get good results, it is necessary to apply the herbicide in a way that it covers all organs and both sides of leaves of the plant. Because of that atomizer overturns leaves and medicates one side of leaves, the medication devices which have knapsack sprayer or under-leaf nozzle shall be preferred. The medication shall be applied under windless air after the dew disappears in the morning or in the eventide.
Application Period:
Clove: Herbicide should be applied on plants before they bust out or blossoms are cut. Herbicide should be applied due to the fact that there are averagely 10 red spider mites on a leaf. One application is sufficient.
Vegetable (Red spider mite): The parcels of the field should be entered into diagonally for the first counting in bloom period. Every 3-5 steps, nymph and mature red spider mites on bottom and middle leaves are counted via magnifying glass and recorded. The number of the leaves which need to be examined is 20 for little-leaved plants and 10 for middle-leaved plants per decare. The number of the mites per leaf is counted by means of this number to be gone into the number of the counted leaves.
Tomatoes, Cucumber, Aubergine: When there are averagely 5 red spider mites per leaf, agricultural protection action should be commenced.
Pepper: When there are averagely 3 red spider mites per leaf, agricultural protection action should be commenced.
Strawberry: In case where there are 15 and more red spider mites per leaflet among 50 leaflets taken from the bottom and middle parts of plants. herbicide should be applied
Vineyard: The areas where pests spreads should be kept under observation in agricultural protection actions against Tetranychus urticae (two-point red spider mite) in vineyards and herbicide should be applied in case where the population density overpasses 8 active pests per leaf. In case where harmful population density continues over the threshold, second herbicide application should be carried out when the effect goes down or after harvest by taking the interval which should pass between the last application and harvest. Into consideration.

This medication named EFDAL FLOWMITE240 SC is an acaricide that is classified as Group 25 according to its effect mechanism. Repetitive applications of plant protection products having the same effect mechanism promote development of resistance. For this reason, do not exceed suggested limit of total application of EFDAL FLOWMITE 240 SC within the same manufacture season to delay the development of resistance. In cases that the application must be repeated, please use plant protection products that have different effect mechanism (apart from Group 25).

During one manufacturing season, maximum one time or two times through intervals as 7 days in case where the population is dense.
If more than 2 applications need to be done for agricultural protection action against red spider mite in a season, it should be used with acaricides which have different effect mechanism alternately for other applications. It can be applied in Anti-resistance (anti-immunity) programs.

MISCIBILITY: It shall not be mixed with 74% Bordeaux Mixture, 80% Sulphur WG and plant protection products like products with Summer oil formulation.

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