Product Code: 25

Preparation of the Medication for Application and Usage Type:
First, half of the tank of disinfection equipment is filled with water. Necessary amount of medication is slurred with a little water in a separate container and added to the tank. Operating the mixer of the equipment, necessary amount of water is added to the tank. Disinfection should be commenced after the medication is mixed well with water. Mixing is maintained until the disinfection is completed. Calibration: In order to calculate the amount of water to be used per decare, calibration is carried out. To do this, a certain amount of water is added to the tank of the equipment and it is calculated to what extent the land can be sprayed with the added amount of water. Therefore, it can be calculated how much water to be used per decare with the calibrated equipment.
Properties of medication: It is a contact effective selective aphicide that affects by way of vapor effect and reception. Furthermore, it penetrates on the upper surface of the leaves and controls the aphides feeding on the lower surface. EFDAL BİRGARD is especially effective against aphides that gained resistance against organic phosphoric medication.
This medication named EFDAL BİRGARD is a instecticide that is classified as Group 1A according to its effect mechanism.
Repetitive applications of plant protection products having the same effect mechanism promote development of resistance. For this reason, do not exceed suggested limit of total application of EFDAL BİRGARD within the same manufacture season to delay the development of resistance. In cases that the application must be repeated, please use plant protection products that have different effect mechanism (apart from Group 1A).
Miscibility: EFDAL BİRGARD may be mixed with a great number of insecticides, acaricides, and fungicides. However, it is recommended to carry out pre-mixing tests before mixing with high amounts.

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