Product Code: 32

Wilsonomyces carpophylus: 1st disinfection is immediately after leaves fall in autumn, 2nd disinfection is before flower buds open in the spring.
Sclerotinia laxa: 1st disinfection is at the beginning of flowering (5-10% flower), 2nd disinfection is at full flowering (90-100% flower).
Against Venturia inaequalis and Venturia pirina, first disinfection is when flower bosoms swell, second disinfection is when pink bud (apple) and white bud (pear) stage, third disinfection is when 70-80% of flower petals fall, and other disinfections are applied with 10 days of intervals according to weather conditions.
Taphrina pruni: 1st disinfection is when buds start swelling, 2nd disinfection is when 80% of flower petals fall.
Against Ascochyta rabiei: after the seeds of chickpeas are wet in water for an hour 3-4 hours before planting, these seeds should be ventilated by spreading them on a sheet and they should be planted by mixing them with necessary amount of medication.
For green parts; medication is started as soon as round or straight brown spots with the diameter of 2-3 mm are observed on the leaves and branches of chickpeas and 2 to 5 disinfections are applied with 7 to 10 days intervals in accordance with the severity of infection and the meteorological conditions.
Mucardinus sp.: After the milk forming stage of nuts, the disinfection starts as soon as the damage is observed.
Against Oryctolagus cuniculus and Lepus europaeus: Disinfection is applied until the parts of saplings and stocks that are at the height of one meter are wet.
Preparation of Medication for Application:
First, half of the tank of the disinfection equipment is filled with water. The necessary amount of medication is slurred in a separate container and added to the tank. Operating the mixing apparatus of the equipment, the necessary amount of water is added to the tank. Medication should be mixed well before placed in the spraying device.
This medication named EFDAL KİMARSOL is a fungicide that is classified as Group M3 according to its effect mechanism.
Repetitive applications of plant protection products having the same effect mechanism promote development of resistance. For this reason, do not exceed suggested limit of total application of EFDAL KİMARSOL within the same manufacture season to delay the development of resistance. In cases that the application must be repeated, please use plant protection products that have different effect mechanism (apart from Group M3).

It can be mixed with medications containing carboxin, triadimenol. It cannot be mixed with fungicides including copper. If a medication with copper is applied on the plants, medication with the active ingredient of Thiram should not be applied. It should be waited for 2 weeks before applying Thiram based medication after disinfection with copper based medication

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