Product Code: 20


Preparation of the product for use:
First, half of the sprayer’s tank is filled with water. Then, recommended amount of product is mixed thoroughly with water in a separate container. The mixture is poured and mixed into the sprayer’s tank slowly and the tank is filled with water. The mixture is sprayed on the plant at a cool and calm weather ensuring that the entire plant is soaked.
Usage and application time:
Cucurbitaceae, Tomato, Potato mildew :
Application are made as a prevention or when the first signs of the disease is seen at the latest. Entire plant should be soaked and application interval should not be longer than 10 days. Application should be repeated based on the weather conditions and progress of the disease.
Early leaf blight in watermelon :
Application is started when the first signs of the disease are seen.
Vineyard mildew:
The first application is made when the offshoots are 25-30 cm. The second and third applications are made with a 15 days interval while the subsequent applications are made based on the weather conditions and progress of the disease.
The plant protection product, EFDAL MUTİFA WG is a fungicide classified as Group M3,U,27 fungicide according to its mechanism of action. Repeated application of plant protection products having the same mechanism of action promotes resistance. For this reason, do not exceed the total number of EFDAL MUTİFA WG applications recommended for a single season to delay resistance. If the application needs to be repeated, pay attention to use plant protection products having a different mechanism of action (other than Group M3, U,27).

EFDAL MUTİFA WG should be used by mixing with products containing Kresoxim-Methyl+Boscalid, Metrafenone, Alphacypermethrin, Tebufenpyrad and Teflubenzuron. Mixtures should be used immediately.

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