Product Code: 29

Preparation of medication: Fill half of the medication tank with water. The required amount of the medication is slurred with a quantity of water in a separate container and add the mixture by operating the mixer at the same time; and later fill the rest of the tank with water. Application should be done in the windless weather early in the day or in the –pre-evening. During the spraying, covering must be done well, all sides of the leaf surfaces and plants should be sprayed on.
Use of the medication:
Pear, Apple Venturia inaequalis, Venturia pirina;
1. Application: When the flower eyes swell,
2. Application: During pink-white rosette bud period,
3. Application: When petals fall about 70-80%,
4. and other Application: are done according to the weather conditions and the development of the disease.
Plasmopara viticola: 1. Application is done when buds are 25-30 cm.
Tomato Phytophthora infestans: Application is started when first stains are seen on tomato leaves.
Medication is applied with 7-10 days intervals according to severity of the disease and weather conditions.
Fasulye Antraknozu: Application is started when the first signs are seen in the environment. Medication is continued to be applied with an interval of 1 week depending on weather conditions and progress of the disease.

This plant protection product named: EFDAL PRONEB 70 WP is a fungicide that is classified as Group M3 according to its effect mechanism. Repetitive applications of plant protection products having the same effect mechanism promote development of resistance. For this reason, do not exceed suggested limit of total application of EFDAL PRONEB 70 WP within the same manufacture season to delay the development of resistance. In cases that the application must be repeated, please use plant protection products that have different effect mechanism (apart from Group M3).

Efdal Proneb 70 WP, can be mixed with fungicides such as copper oxychloride

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