Textile (Fabric), Room and Car Odor - 150 ml-12359

Product Code: EKSET007.00

38.0000 USD

The textile (fabric) eliminates cigarette smoking, food and other unwanted odors.

We recommend frequent on the screen, carpets, linen, mint and tablecloth.

You can fit into the shoes.

You can apply to clothes in the cupboard, shelf and dirty basket.

We recommend frequent unbilted clothing after work, travel and sports.

You can also use it as ambient odor in the rooms.

You can fit it on the car seat, on the mat, on the roof and in the luggage.

Restaurants, hotels and similar businesses; we recommend to eliminate the smell that disturbs the guests such as cigarettes, food and sweat which are blown to the clothes of the staff.

It does not stain.

Do not use on surfaces such as leather, nubuck and furniture, and similar fabrics holding silk, viscose and water stains.

Marseille soap is the best of the smells that give a sense of smell, cleanliness and freshness.

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