BM-W Series Packaging Machine With Multihead Weigher-18527

Product Code: BM-W

• Suitable for granule type of products. The weighing unit is controlled by a seperate microprocessor and touch screen,
• Supports many usefull functions such as multi dumping, automatic product conveyor
control, self cleaning, recipe record for different products, different language and etc. Different amount of weighing buckets in different dimensions should be provided with respect to type of product. Parts touching to products are easy to dismount and cleaning,
• All surfaces touching to products are AISI 304 stainless steel,
• Easy demountable forming tube,
• Easy adjustable speckle control and more precise package length,
• Due to continuously controlled printer error, prevents unprinted and faulty print,
• Coil unwinding is driven by AC motors.
• Horizontal jaw press and cutting unit are driven by pneumatic,
• Cold or hot sealing techniques can be applied according to the packaging type,
• Suitable for CE standards,
• Different language options and easy-to-use touch screen.

Optional Equipments:
• Nitrogen filling unit
• Screw feeding unit
• Conveyor band
• Special Vacum supported belts. (Increases belt life time and machine speed)
• Eurohole / Hanger Hole
• Printer with barcode and date writing feature
• Contact us for different type of packages, products and capacities.

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