Product Code: 35

Mix the recommended amount of plant protection product with water in a separate vessel. Fill half the sprayer container with water. Turn the mixer of the machine on and add the mixture into the container. Continue mixing and fill up the container with water. Keep on mixing until the end of application. Use the prepared plant protection product the same day.
CALIBRATION: The machine should be calibrated before using. The dose of mixture should be calibrated for a good covering. Application should be performed in cool periods during day time when the weather is not windy or when there is a calm weather
After the application, empty the tank of the spraying machine. Fill the tank with clean water, run the mixer and let the spraying system clean all the parts. Do not perform cleaning near water sources. Do not pour the cleaning water and waste into water sources.

Tomato (greenhouse) Powdery mildew: Applications should be started when the first signs of the disease is seen in the environment and greenhouse. Applications are repeated at 10-14 days intervals depending on the severity of the disease.
Vineyard mildew: Applications should be started when the offshoots are 25-30 cm long
The second and subsequent applications should be done at 10-15 days intervals by taking into account the 1st application, progress of the disease, and meteorological factors.
Cucumber(greenhouse) Mildew: The first application is started when the tillering starts or when the first sign of the mildew is seen and the product should be sprayed all the surfaces, In particular under the leaves depending on the severity of the disease.
Water melon Alternaria Leaf Blight: Application should be done by spraying the product to the green parts while the first application is done when the signs of the disease is seen in the environment and continued at 10-12 days intervals depending on the severity of the disease, climatic conditions and efficacy period of the plant protection product.
Pomegranate Brown Spot: 1st application: when the flower buds become visible. 2nd application: when the petals fall. 3rd application: when the fruits reach half of their size.
Spinach Leaf Spot Disease: The product is applied to the green parts of the plant when the conditions are favourable for disease development and when the infection risk is high.

The plant protection product, EFDAL AZİBUT is a fungicide classified as Group C3:11; G1:3 fungicide according to its mechanism of action. Repeated application of plant protection products having the same mechanism of action promotes resistance. For this reason, do not exceed the total number of EFDAL AZİBUT applications recommended for a single season to delay resistance. If the application needs to be repeated, pay attention to use plant protection products having a different mechanism of action (other than Group C3:11; G1:3).

EFDAL AZİBUT can be mixed with many insecticides, acaricides and foliar fertilizers. However, a pre-mix test is recommended when there is a suspicion in terms of miscibility. In mixing, first EFDAL AZİBUT should be put into the tank and then other plant protection product or fertilizer should be added. EFDAL AZİBUT is recommended to be mixed with dispersants in tomato applications.

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