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Kırsal Sapanca is located on a dominant position near Lake Sapanca, one of the most special nature parks of our country. This location allows you to experience the beauty of the unique landscape unlimitedly. This distinguished life with every moment passing comfortably as a holiday, invites those who want peace, tranquility and romance to enjoy a boat ride in the calm waters of the lake. Kırsal Sapanca offers the privilege of enjoying nature and water sports such as camping, picnic trekking, nature exploration, as well as bicycle tours, motorcycle tours, ATV tours, surfing, sailing, canoeing, rowing for those who want to enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest.

Kırsal Sapanca is a form of lifestyle described as “country”, interpreted with the name “Kırsal” (rural) and the difference of “Zeray”. The adorable natural beauty of pretty Sapanca, the magnificence of nature, forest and lake views beyond a postcard, are among the features that make Kırsal Sapanca worth living in. Nature lovers will enjoy the freshness of the forest air, the view that turns into a visual feast, in their villas in Kırsal Sapanca. With the privilege of Kırsal Sapanca, it is possible to feel the rural texture and to enjoy the life in nature, without disconnecting from the city life.

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