Product Code: ZRYFORUM

56350.0000 USD

The province of Kocaeli, which is fingering Turkish economy, will have a brand-new value very soon in Kartepe region. The new Project which is rising on the Sapanca Road will meet your all needs with modern and rationalist equipment. Forum Anatolia will be set up over 56.500 square meter space under the ZERAY İnşaat name. Every detail of this investment is equipped with state-of-the-art technological systems and it is going to United with the Professional life. Forum Anatolia is one of the qualified mixed projects of Kocaeli and Turkey.

ZERAY İnşaat, which is creating Kocaeli’s silhouette, presents living spaces with higher standards by its strong building architectural identity. ZERAY İnşaat keeps on working with pride of creating projects directing life style of Kocaeli. Forum Anatolia that set out with the desire of creating high qualified housings presents open and closed swimming pools, sports spaces where a lot of sports activities are experienced, fitness centre, bathhouse, sauna steam room, recreation spaces and amphitheatre, walking tracks, closed parking lots, lifts etc. In Forum Anatolia there are different flat types for different needs. In the Project consisting of 27 blocks there are 563 flats and 101 offices. In our Project we designed taking different potential needs flat types range as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 with floor gardens. Averagely 1+1’s is made of 100 m2, 2+1 150 m2, 3+1 200 m2 and 4+1 is made of 220 m2. Forum Anatolia is distant 30 mins from Sabiha Gökçen airport and is distant 3 mins away from Cengiz Topel Airport. On the other hand, it is away 10 mins from Kartepe world-wide ski resort and 5 mins away from downtown, very near to five stars Hilton.

You will start up the day with joy in the shopping street where you can find a lot of luxurious brands and you will feel yourself privileged having all properties from dresses to accessories, from jewels to products reflecting your life style, as well as the restaurants and cafes where you can taste various delicates. You will be mesmerized while living with your friends in every minutes of the day after meeting every kind of your needs in the shopping street.

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