Sur Yapı Marka Residence and Shopping Mall-11601

Product Code: Sur Yapi Marka Rezidans ve AVM

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Ready for a glittering life in Nilüfer, the most attractive district of Bursa? The dazzling deluxe living you have wished for is right at your elbow now. Because you, the residents of Bursa, have a new Marka (“Brand”). Marka, by its Shopping Mall where you may find the world-renowned and national distinguished brands all together, also allows you to reflect your style in a manner that befits you.

At Marka, which is a shopping and living center that can be easily accessed from all points, there are two towers of 21 and 18 storeys and a home-office block of 14 storeys rising above the Shopping Mall.
The project, where there will be a 5-storey Shopping Mall beneath the towers, is already a candidate to become the most magnificent and privileged living space of the region by its apartments with the Uludağ panorama.

The project that is being materialized by an investment of almost 1,3 billion TL, has a total construction area of 229.450 sqm. Employment will be provided for approximately 3.000 individuals by the project that has 373 deluxe residence flats, home office block and 250 stores in the Shopping Mall.

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