bread slicing machine -619

Product Code: abs 02 - 05 - 07

Provides quick and symmetric bread slicing for the companies which are bread cunsomption and production. Easy to use ans slices the bread without flattening and breaking into pieces through the arrengement lever. Automatically stops at the end of the slicing. Surfaces in contact with the bread, during the slicing are made of stainless steel and are sanitary. It is easy to carry and has an elegant images. It is produced with standart electrostatic kiln dyed and stainless steel body.
● It takes small space (70x70)
● progressive traction lever.
● Adjustable force of the bread hold- down system.
● Fitted with a bagging spade.
● Chrome sheet metal front part and hold-down system that made of fiber. In this way the knives are long-lived.
● Slice thickness ; between 8-20 mm.
● Power supply; 220 V-380 V
● Harmonious with high bread.
● Silent and without vibration working
● Body painted with electrostatic paint
● Electrical system complies with EU norms.
● The machine is eqquipted with high safety system.
● Knives are made of Cr-Ni (knives can be coatedteflon optionally)
● Motor Power; 0,55 Kw.

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