Roll Bread Machine-28138

Product Code: 04

This machine; the best in it’s the field and class in Turkey
The settings are made easily from the PLC-controlled touch screen.
Mechanical settings are simple to use and easy to learn.
Information on usage can be stored in memory and used continuously.
Daily cleaning is easy.
It is easy to disassemble, install and replace belts and running parts.
The speeds of all belts can be adjusted to the desired level.
It is not affected by high ambient temperature changes.
Electrical and electronic faults that may occur are displayed on the PLC screen with pictures and text.
In case of malfunction, remote access can be performed with PLC program (Optional)
Machine body is 304 crom. The contact surfaces of the dough are 304 crom and crom
Dough cut is between 40 and 150 gr.
Average roll bread dough cutting and rounding capacity is 11.000 in 1 hour.
A maximum of 11,000 pieces of hamburgers and pastry dough per hour, the average of7,000 pieces of bagel and sandwich dough.
Since very little flour is used in the dough section, it provides a clean working environment.
The amount of flour given to the cut dough can be adjusted.
The lubrication system is automatically adjusted during the dough cutting process.
Unlike other machines, it does not wear pulp due to non-pressurized cutting.
Automatically sorts all kinds of dough into the desired size tray.
It makes automatic sorting with simple settings on corrugated and flat trays.
If the tray is not properly placed, sorting will not take place, it will give a warning on the screen.
Width 150 Cm Voltage 380 V
Machine Length 450 Cm Current 21 Amper
Height 180 Cm Frequency 50 Herz
Machine Weight 1300 Kg Power (Max.) 8 Kw
Capacity (Approximately) 11000 Pcs/Hour Power (Approximately) 5.096 Kw

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