ABSOGRAPH 500-12379

Product Code: 500

Comply with the world standards

0-200 rpm adjustable speed

User-friendly, made with care that makes it requires little maintenance

Temperature control of the kneading Container

Upon to user use settings changeable by user.

21st century most cutting-edge technologies

The instrument can be used for the following applications:

Pasta Products

Results that can be indicated by the instrument:

Flour Water absorption
Viscoelastic of the dough
Dough constancy and stability
Dough evolution time
Dough softening
Baking behavior
Gluten index

Related fields:

Flour Milling


Feed mills and Feed factories

Brewing industry

Cereal farmers

Grains Dealers

Starch factories

Confectionery /snacks factories


The instrument kneads the flour by using two rotating spiral knifes, so the knifes faces resistance from the dough, depending on the dough properties, the resistance will be measured by a very accurate seismic analyzer tool, and then a unique coded software invert the incoming data into a graphic chart that makes the data easy to understand and analyze.

Main use:

The Absograph 500 allows users to understand and analyze

Water absorption of the flour

Kneading properties of the flour by following the international standards and norms

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