Bridge metal-plated side tooth-33900

Product Code: 44

Dental prostheses are artificial teeth made to restore the functions of patients' lost teeth. Dental prosthesis treatment is done by a prosthesis specialist. Only a prosthesis specialist can determine which prosthesis is tailored to the patient, because prosthetic treatments vary from person to person.

There are two different types of prosthesis; they can be fixed or removed permanently. It may differ according to the materials used during the construction of fixed prostheses such as crowns or bridges. Depending on the material used, they can be called full metal, metal-supported porcelain teeth or full porcelain teeth. Removable prosthesis can be named differently according to different directions.

Fixed dentures: Fixed dentures are dentures that are attached to the teeth. These prostheses do not move in place.

Removable Prosthesis: These prostheses are removed by the patient and are difficult to use, but after the adaptation period, the prostheses become more comfortable.

Implant-supported prosthesis: Implant-supported prosthesis is a prosthesis placed on the implant after dental implant treatment.

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