Implant Placement In The Posterior Region-33895

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In the successful order of dental implants for missing tooth cavities, the son has been one of the most exciting and exciting areas in dentistry in 10 years. As aesthetic dentistry gains importance, permanent prosthetic solutions such as implants have become the ideal aesthetic treatment option. As implants expand to develop restorative treatments, treatment planning has become more complex for dentists and an interdisciplinary teamwork is directed towards. This interdisciplinary treatment includes orthodontic treatment before prosthesis to provide orthodontic leveling that allows surgical, implant and restorative treatment, following consultation with an oral surgeon or periodontologist and restorative dentist. The orthodontic treatment approaches required for implant restorations of congenital lateral deficiencies are still under discussion.

Treatment alternatives used to restore dental cavities from congenital tooth deficiencies include partial dentures, fixed bridges, resin-bonded bridges, autotrans-plantation, lateral replacement of canines with orthodontic displacement, and single dental implants. Although it is necessary to change the adjacent teeth in the implant space orthodontically, the implants do not require material separation or replacement from the natural dentition and for this reason, they are the most conservative prosthetic applications in their lateral deficiencies. Implants also hold the alveolar bone, increase occlusal aids and provide optimal aesthetics.

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