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Bronchoscopic treatment is applied in patients with respiratory narrowing and thickening of goblet cells due to chronic bronchitis due to tobacco exposure. Scraping process called COPD balloon desquamation is applied to the cell layer covering the inner layer of all respiratory tracts that can be accessed, primarily the airways of 3 mm, by entering through the intubation tube with a bronchoscope. COPD balloons selected in accordance with the diameter of the bronchi are used for this procedure. These balloons are inflated and lowered with the help of an electronic pump with adjustable pressure and frequency, and the thickened inner layer of the bronchi is scraped back to its former thickness. The balloon covered with a braid with scraper feature enables the bronchus to reach its original width by turning the thickened goblet cell layer that causes sputum production in the respiratory tract into a foamy liquid. The foamy goblet cell layer, which turns into foamy sputum, is expelled from the bronchoscope canal by aspirating. In this way, all bronchi in both lungs that can be accessed with a bronchoscope are freed from chronic bronchitis caused by smoking and altered bronchial epithelium as a result of COPD balloon scraping.

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