Product Code: 003


• Granite, marble acrylic copolymer resin is a mixture of solid particles formed by a decorative wall coverings. Thin is produced in 3 different sizes, medium and thick. It is sold in 25 kg buckets.

Application area:
• mortar in all kinds of interior and exterior, concrete, cement is used as a finish coating on plates and heat insulation systems with the appropriate primer.

• It is highly resistant to atmospheric conditions.
• It has a high water vapor permeability and breathability.
• bugs off the surface with a thick film.
• Colors fade, it is natural.
• alkali-resistant.
• Water based not cause harm to human health and the environment.

Application Instructions:
• flooring to be applied all kinds of dirt, oil, blistered paint and dust on the surface has defects should be corrected after cleaning, and should be primed with acrylic putty THICK.
• Mineral plaster by adding 1-1.5 liters of water should be mixed until a homogenous consistency.
• The mineral plaster with a steel trowel must be applied to the entire surface of equal thickness and 15 to 20 minutes after normal weather conditions must be smoothed with a steel trowel.
• environment during and after implementation of the application should not be below +5 oC.
• The large surface area of the joint that can be finished in one stage considering building aesthetics should not be selected for the series should be applied without interruption and shall be taped.
• gradation is required to use the same batch number of the product does not happen.

• Thick mineral plaster 5 kg / m2 - Middle mineral plasters 4 kg / m2 - Thin mineral plaster 3 kg / m2

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