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Fully Automatic Screw Capping Machine - ROK-V1AF Technical Specifications of ROK-V1AF -150mm Capping Machine Model: ROK-V1AF Working Range: 15 mm - 130 mm Conveyor Width: 150 mm Conveyor Length: 180 cm Working Voltage: 220V / 50 Hz Cover Types: Screw cover types Material: SUS 304 stainless steel General Features of ROK-V1AF -150mm Capping Machine Fully automatic cap tightening machine has been developed to close all flat or cylindrical surface or screw caps with low corners. The biggest feature of the machine is that it strikes from the chamber with a vibratory tray before tightening the cap. Thanks to this feature, the number of required personnel during production will decrease by one person. However, we recommend this model only for your products that use one type of cover. Separate feeding tray and driving apparatus must be made for each type of cover. The ROK-V1AF fully automatic screw capping machine makes it ready to be tightened by nailing your cap on the bottle at the first station. In this station, it applies pressure from the top of the bottle to allow the cap to sit on the dental bed. Afterwards, the bottle, on which the lid is nailed, comes to the second station, the cap tightening station, and squeezes the lid both by applying power from the top and turning it towards the direction of the frequent. The cap tightening mechanism we use can be produced with torque adjustment for your sensitive caps. Depending on your needs, our machine's cover mold is based on your needs, such as kestamid, polyamide, polyethylene, aluminum, brass, etc. We can produce from many materials. The tightening motors of the machine are among the A ++ class motors with high induction torque. Compared to standard asynchronous motors, it has a longer life and warms up later. On the other hand, it takes up very little space. It does not require frequent maintenance. Although each of the motors has 60W power, it can produce the same power as 250 watt motors. In addition, the right and left motors of the ROK-V1AF Fully Automatic Screw Capping Machine can be adjusted separately. Thanks to this feature, it provides smooth closure in sensitive covers. Standard conveyor belt is made of hard pallet. It has a much longer life compared to PVC tapes. On the other hand, in case of damage to the conveyor belt, the entire belt does not need to be replaced; it is sufficient to replace only the damaged part. In this respect, you can repair it with small costs. It is 100% domestic production. The design, drawing, cutting, twisting, processing and automation stages of the machine are all carried out in our own facilities. All these production stages of the machine are carried out within Renas Makina, adding or removing additional features you want to the machine. It is made of SUS 304 stainless steel and aluminum. In this respect, it is a machine that meets hygiene standards. The conveyor of the ROK-V1AF fully automatic screw cap tightening machine is developed with speed adjustment as standard in all models. This feature of the machine provides convenience especially in productions requiring precision. It is a machine that can work on all covers in the range of 15 mm - 130 mm. In addition, we can produce a cap tightening machine for different sizes of covers, if you demand. Its performance and efficiency is extremely high. Up to 50-55 closings can be done on average per minute. The capacity can decrease around 10% in the caps with high number of screw pitch. Optional Features of ROK-V1AF -150mm Capping Machine Depending on your production capacity and shape, you can add certain features to the machine. If you wish, you can request to have a stainless conveyor belt. We recommend using this feature, especially in extremely acidic productions. With the touch operator panel that you can add as an option, you can personalize your machine more and control the working settings more. Among the features you can add as an option, the bottle orientation converter for bottles of different shapes is also included. This feature, which is used to turn bottles in one direction, is offered to you free of charge upon request. ROK-V1AF Capping Machine - 150mm - Other Details The delivery time of the machines, where additional (optional) features are requested, takes place within the range of 5-20 days. Packed in accordance with long distance shipments. Thanks to the contracted cargo company, the transportation of the product is done at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo. One year warranty is provided against factory faults.

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