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ROTARY GRILL ROTATING SKEWERS SYSTEM • Turbo System(Due to a fan mounted on the Grill now adjustable air pressure affects the coal from the bottom. In this way, they can be kept in a State of coal so angry all the time. In this case, wait at the head of the oven of the cook with no cardboard, etc. Blowing eliminates them to do.) • Rotary System(Thanks to this system, at the head of the oven, now the cook don’t have to wait all the time. Turns at where they are and the skewer went down every side of meat are cooked evenly. You can cook an Adana Kebap at 3.5 minutes) • 5 cm Firebrick (Brazier 5 cm thick base and side parts are built with bricks. In this way, the extra heat is provided keeping in a barbecue) • Special Skewer (FIRINMAK is the manufacturer of high quality custom stainless skewers kebab master provides the opportunity to work comfortable) • Ignition and gas system (Thanks to this system, mounted on the stove igniter gas system is fired. Gas flame coals superheats by burning. In addition, there will be no need tones materials of cardboard, etc.) • Combustion chamber front and side edges of the marble; rear edge of stainless steel sheet • Coal preparation (floor-to-ceiling thanks to 2 meters length gas system that extends into the area spilled coal is prepared in a very short period of time) • Lava Stone (gas can be used as fuel instead of coal and by your Fireside burner layout system in a way that the spread of the fire and Grill are organized within equal. This gas combustion system upon lava tones heated lava tones distributed gas flame cooking with the provided.) • High Weight-Bearing Swivel Polyamide Wheels • Coating and Paint; chrome, stone and glass mosaics Options