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V Type Mixer - RMX-P1 RMX-P1 - 200 Liter Trousers Mixer General Features RMX-P1 trouser type mixer has a capacity of 200 liters. RMX-P1 V type mixer can be used in mixtures of powder-powder, granule-powder, granule-granule type products. Such mixtures include flavor and sweetening, sports supplements, powdered drinks, powdered drug mixtures, nutritional supplements, pesticides. The machine has a flanged ferrule system. Thanks to the flanged ferrule system, the machine can be easily disassembled and mounted. In this way, cleaning and maintenance of the machine can be done extremely quickly. RMX-P1 trouser type mixer has high temperature sensitivity. The heat setting of the machine can be done very easily. In this way, it provides an advantage to the user in situations requiring heat sensitivity. Provides hygienic production conditions. Product loading and unloading can be done in a very short time. It has a polygonal structure. In this way, you can obtain a fully homogeneous mixture in almost all products with fluency. It is 100% domestic production. The engine and transmission group used in the machine are similarly domestic and quality productions. The mixer, which has a 200 liter RMX-P1 trouser type mixer, has versions ranging from 80-3,000 liters. The fact that the machine is V-shaped and has a 360-degree rotation capacity provides versatility to move. This allows the mixed products to become a homogeneous mixture in a short time. It is mostly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, lamp and feed industries. The volume range of RMX-P1 trouser type mixer is in the range of 0.2 m3 - 5 m3. RMX-P1 - Optional Features That Can Be Added to the 200 Liter Trouser Type Mixer Different discharge valve options can be added upon request. Different engine power options can be selected. Depending on the need, it can be produced from DKP, galvanized, SUS 304 stainless or SUS 316 stainless sheet. Many other additional features can be requested depending on your needs, production method and capacity. RMX-P1 - V Type Mixer - 200 Liter - Other Details The delivery time of the machines, where additional (optional) features are requested, takes place within the range of 5-20 days. Packed in accordance with long distance shipments. Thanks to the contracted cargo company, the transportation of the product is done at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can choose to use that cargo. One year warranty is provided against factory faults.

Company: Renas Makina ve Otomasyon Sistemleri