Fıstıkzade Kadayıf-32447

Product Code: T35

If you say I love kadayif but want to be full of peanuts, be ready to make yourself happy.

Fıstıkzade Kadayıf is blended with peanuts drawn in thin wire kadayıf and then laid on a tray.
It is prepared with lots of coarse-grained pistachios to cover it completely.
The raw materials used in it are carefully selected and supplied from the region.
Fıstıkzade Kadayıfı is cooked in full consistency on the stove so that the peanuts do not burn.
Depending on seasonal conditions, sugar is boiled around 110 degrees and its sherbet is added.

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Number of Slices:

Average 5 servings per 1 Kg
There is an average of 16 portions for 1 tray.

Contents (allergen warning):
Special flour for kadayıf, plain oil (butter), sunflower oil, drinking water, salt, granulated sugar, lemon juice and pistachio.

Conditions of endurance and storage:

It is 10 days provided that it is stored in a cool and dry place.

Since natural crystal granulated sugar is used in our products, crystallization may occur depending on weather conditions.
In such cases and in cold weather, it is recommended to consume it by heating it slightly to increase its flavor.

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