Sur Yapı Semt Bahçekent-11604

Product Code: Sur Yapi Semt Bahçekent

A brand new Semt emerges in Bahçekent, the home of major projects in İstanbul. Your life soars high with Sur Yapı Semt Bahçekent.

Semt Bahçekent, which is located right next to a gigantic city park at a spot where the connection roads of the 3rd Airport and the 3rd Bridge intersect, adds coziness and cordiality to your life. Furthermore, it ensures a high living quality with Emlak Konut assurance and Sur Yapı quality.

This major project, composed of 665 residential units and 26 commercial areas that render life more enjoyable, is waiting for you with picnic areas where you can spend time to the fullest with your family, shopping stores aimed for your needs, fitness center, a pool that you may use both during the summer and winter, and parking lot.

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