Mini CookieMAK Cookie Depositor-27625

Product Code: MiniCookieMAK

About Mini CookieMAK Dry Cake and Cookie Machine

 With Mini CookieMAK, you can produce hundreds of products such as sweet cookies, salty cookies, flour cookies, eclairs, estrons and handcrafted cookies with high efficiency without any touch.
Thanks to its developed infrastructure, it is suitable for the production of many products in different dough types in the name of bakery products.
Acıbadem, Meringue, Kahke, Ekler, Estron Cookie, Grisini, Wet Cookie, Maras Cookie, Medovik, Topkek, Sarma Cake, Tart, Dessert Cookie, Caterpillar Cookie, Flour Cookie, Fork Cookie, Kavala Cookie, Kemalpaşa Dessert, Souffle, Damascus Cookie You can easily produce hundreds of products such as, Şekerpare, Kandil Simidi.
Thanks to the PLC system, it has a constantly developing and growing infrastructure.
You can produce all kinds of products thanks to hundreds of types of molds, tens of programs and mechanical systems.
Optional systems such as Wire Cutting System, Topkek System, Sufle System will be your assistant in changing manufacturing stages.
All of the products used in the Mini CookieMak Cookie machine are made from the highest quality materials that are certified and suitable for food.
The brands of Motor, Electronic and Pneumatic used in the machine are Italian, Japanese and German companies that are world leaders.
7 "Color touch screen, easy to use and 9999 program (product registration) locations. Turkish, English, Arabic, German, Romanian, French and Spanish language options are available.
 Mini CookieMAK Dry Cake Cookie Machine Technical Features

Width: 102 cm
Length: 100 cm
Height: 84 cm
Dough Tray: 15 kg
Machine Weight: 190 kg
Electricity Consumption: 380 V / 1 KW
Hourly Capacity: 50 - 70 Kg

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