Product Code: K035 - C

It consists of 2 separate stretcher trolleys- sterile area and general usage- and one top-platform with castors. At transfer point, the patient is transferred to
the other trolley after the trolleys are locked to each other and the top-platform slides with the help of the castors. The trolleys both can perform
trendelenburg positions by means of shock absorber. All the metal parts of the stretcher is painted with electrostatic powder paint. The castors have a
diameter of 200 mm. there is a rail with chrome plating on the top-platform of the stretcher. The backrest height function of the stretcher is performed
by means of the crane on the top-platform. It can absorb X-Rays and there are X-Ray cassettes on the lower part of the top-platform. On the stretcher
there is a vinylex coated mattress of 100 mm thickness that can be dismantled and folded. On the stretcher there are castors of 140 mm diameter that
protects against hits and strokes.