Electric Critical Care Beds (Five engine.) (Right-Left Lateral Tiltl)-187

Product Code: K012ES-5M

The bedside cot, toe, height, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and left-right tilt position is achieved by a total of 5 electric motor. Electric motors is 220 V, 50 Amps mains voltage is 24v output. Rechargeable battery systems against power outages is available. other engines height and tilt motors is 2000 N. strength is 4000 N force. 125 mm diameter wheel center has imported lock system. All nurses with a touch control panel functions can be controlled. The cot side protectors are 4 piece of plastic vacuum bed that can control the movement, there are a total of 4 control panel in the parapet of the inner and outer surfaces. (Optional) move buttons on the panel can be restricted from the nurse panel. All beds nurse will check the movement of the touch control panel is standard. Nurse control panel automatically closes when the activation to prevent unauthorized use or used. ABS-coated ship antibacterial mattress platform is the ability to spend the X-ray light.