Hand woven table cover-18150

Product Code: ELD-1021

Size: 100x100 cm

Hand woven Products

Possess not only a product but also a story and give it as a gift!
In the hand weaving looms, they are hand woven with the labour of the Anatolian man. A product is hand woven as changing hundreds of shuttles in compliance with the color and pattern of each product. In a day, only one or two products may be hand woven according to the size of the product. Because in the classical hand looms, it is hand woven completely by body motions.

We try to present our hand hand woven products with so affordable prices that they shall add value to your houses, bring the heritage, sincerity of Anatolia, and you shall have wares which you can tell the story of them to your children.
Indeed each product is the story of a labour. If you want to not to possess a product but also a labor story or to present a gift, the hand hand woven products are just for you.
By nature of the hand hand woven, none of the products is exactly the same, there may be tiny differences from the pattern and color of the one that is in the visual.
You can watch how the hand hand woven products are hand woven, from the videos in the category.

Maintenance and cleaning
Protect the hand hand woven products from the direct sunlight as madders are used.
Make only dry cleaning.

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