Huntaş Global A.Ş. ( Www.Ustunser.Com )

İn our production journey that we started with ceramic tile adhesive and joint fillers in 1999, today we are proud of bring a leading brand in the construction chemicals sector with över a hundred products types in a wide product range.
We have increased our daily production capacity to 500.000 kg with the machinery we renewed in parallel with the changing and developing technology.
We have achieved a significant supply-demand balance. Our unchanging goal in the new period with our new vehicle fleet and expericed team; without sacrificing quality will be to deliver the best service to our customers in the most economical way.
When the list presented to you is examined, the quality and price compalibility of all products will stand out.
Our products are used in thousands of private and public constructions every year with our close to 1000 dealers at home and abroad. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our dealers who contributed greatly to this success and thank each one of them individually for their trust and support.
We know that companies that do not attach importance to innovation do not have the power to compete and cannot have a claim in the sector.
That's why our vision is; There will always be innovation in all areas, including product, service, marketing and organization.

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