Frigo Mekanik

Frigo Mekanik Inc. has been operating in industrial refrigeration systems with project, commitment and turnkey refrigeration services since 1988. It has its headquarter located in Istanbul and an official branch in Azerbaijan and partners in 40 countries. Frigo Mekanik has a reliable position in its refrigeration sector over 30 years of knowledge, more than 100 employees with specific expertise and longstanding experience. It has over 5000 completed refrigeration projects around the world.

Frigo Mekanik executes a wide range of projects which have all kinds of capacity, expertise, and engineering knowledge to meet your needs with any industrial refrigeration system (cooling with ammonia, CO2 and Freon Refrigerants).
Frigo Mekanik designs and builds potato&onion, fruit& vegetable cold stores, product ripening rooms for the agriculture industry; meat, fish, poultry, dairy, bakery products process cooling and ventilation systems for the food industry; cold and frozen product warehouses, for the transport industry; ice skating rinks, ski slopes for entertainment & sports industry; climatic test chambers for defense and technology industries.

Frigo Mekanik helps you establish the best, user & environmentally friendly, sustainable system for your business with all the services it offers.