Inter-Row Cultivator with Fertilizer-12336

Product Code: Bagimsiz Gübreli Ara Çapa Makinasi

It is suitable for weeding and hoeing among plants such as cotton, beet, sunflower, corn, soybean, tomato, bean, melon and watermelon.

General Features
• It protects the field from weeds.
• It provides aeration and insolation of the soil.
• It allows the fertilizer to penetrate the soil better
• Thanks to the spring goosefoot legs, it does not compress the soil and does not inhibit plant growth.
• It is a machine suitable to use in stony area.
• It can also be used in tractors with less horsepower.
• It provides 70-80% savings in weeding labour.
• Thanks to the rollers attached to the back, it makes smaller pieces of soil and smoothens the soil.
• On request, a fertilizer spreader can be connected to the machine.

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