Marshmellow production line -27224

Product Code: ALK-MhL

The automatic production line consists of a complete set of equipment for continuous marshmallow production in various colors and shapes such cube, braided, filled, double / three / four color.
The automatic cooking kitchen is designed for the fluidity of production and quality products. There are different cooking and cooling systems in the kitchen group. The automatic transfer system transfers the pre-cooled mixture of products to the aeromixer for whipping . The product is separated and injected to produce different colors and flavors. The multicolored products are extruded and transported to a cooling conveyor for a cooling process.
In a separated module, the marshmallow, which is interspersed with starch or with a mixture of starch and powdered sugar, is cut to the desired length.
The starch feeder is strictly controlled to prevent spraying out of the machine.
Excess starch / powder was removed.
The final product is moved to the packaging location.
PLC and touch screen products are prescribed and product weight can be adjusted on the screen.

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