Product Code: AB-EKS1

• Relay group of the energy control unit that is mounted rail type in to panel.
• 220 V 30A R1 relay output power for lamps and sockets.
• 220 V 16 A R2 relay output power that can also work on magnetic contact with independent input.
• 220 V 16A R3 relay output power with independent inputs-outputs that can be added optionally and can also work on magnetic contact.
• Suitable for uniformed use in panels with 3 Phase input. (with optional R3 relay)
• In 2nd and 3rd relays, open or closed ends with joints ends can be used.
• LED light system that shows relay activation.
• 10 seconds delay for lights and sockets after the card was removed from its slot, keeps A/C on for 8 seconds to protect the A/C during momentary window openings.
• Card reader feed with regulator for to be able to use with same efficiency during voltage changes.
• Circuit structure developed for using in hot regions, copper reinforced current track in high current fields.
• Internal 12 V DC feed output for LCD information display or DND functions. (50 mA)
• can operate in 190 - 240V AC -10 +60°C and 0 -90 (non-condescending humidity) environmental values.

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